Hi! I'm Jules. I'm a self-taught book cover designer. I've been in the field since 2016. I do custom commissions and premade book cover designs for authors and publishers. I enjoy creating book covers under fantasy, dark romance, contemporary romance, and paranormal. I specialize in object and discreet book covers! ♡︎ ♡︎

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What My Clients Say About Me...

★ ★ ★ ★


emma mallory

"Amazing and quick service even though I had a very last minute request! She’s amazing, just like her covers."


mj raven

"Jules is the absolute best at what she does. Her work is always gorgeous, aesthetic, and on-point for the market. When I commissioned my cover, I threw a synopsis and bunch of random ideas at her. Somehow she understood my vision entirely (even when I didn't fully understand it myself) and brought it to fruition. The result was everything I could have dreamed of and more. On top of this, she is kind and communicative. I highly, highly recommend her as your newest cover artist."


Heather Guerre

"Jules's designs are gorgeous and I'm so happy with the covers I've gotten from her! Working with her has been smooth sailing—she's very responsive and thorough. I would be happy to work with her again in the future, and I highly recommend her to any other romance authors looking for a cover designer."


Dahlia Saleh

"The most patient, reliable person I’ve worked with. The cover is amazing and she met my needs and made the cover exactly the way I pictured it. She was very kind and very good at communicating. I would use her again for my covers. She took the time to ask and make the cover the way the book was and always made sure I was okay with thing. Good pricing and good person in general. Super talented."


Allison Aldridge

"Jules is amazing and super easy to work with! I only had a few ideas and color schemes for my cover when I started and she was able to create a BEAUTIFUL cover that is straight out of my dreams! I can't wait to work with you again in the future!"



"Jules has been nothing but supportive of my writing journey. Even before I requested a premade, she's been so engaging and communicative. This is super important to me as an author just starting out. I knew I wanted to have all of my dark romances with covers designed by her. I commissioned one cover so far and have purchased multiple premades. Her work ethic is phenomenal and I can't promote/recommend her services enough!"


Kaymie Wuerfel

"Jules is amazing. I’d had another cover planned with a different artist, which at the last minute, fell through. Jules not only made time for me immediately, but her service and communication were exceptional. Her design was everything I envisioned and it meant the world to me. She also created stunning media for my website and social media. I won’t use anyone else from now on! I HIGHLY recommend her. If I could give 20 stars I would."


Brenna Sinclair

"Jules is so easy to work with and a fantastic designer. She nailed my idea/concept the first time and created three stunning covers for me. I'll definitely be using her for future projects."


Fibi Marie

"Jules designed the cover for my debut fantasy novel, Scorpio Rising, and the experience was lovely! She was so attentive to detail, designing a beautiful, striking and professional cover for me. She listened to all my feedback and made all the changes I requested no problem, and was so sweet the whole time! She truly brought my vision to life. I love my book cover so much and will definitely be coming to her again in the future for my next books! Highly recommend."


Kat Blackthorne

"Covers By Jules took my idea and made it spooky, dark, feminine, and beautiful in all the best ways. Highly recommend!"


Phoenix Ning

"Jules is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to cover design. She pulls no punches delivering covers that match your vision and make your book stand out. Jules’s professionalism is on full display when she maintains active communication with her clients and is not afraid to revise her designs based on client feedback. This goes to show that she truly cares about championing authors and their careers. I will be coming back again and again to Jules for my future books. Thank you, Jules!"

booking & services

Let's work together and create your dream book cover!

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To book a custom, send me an email:

NOTE: The new pricing is only applicable to new bookings.

order a custom package

Here are some available packages you can order:


300 USD

Custom eBook only

2x Custom eBook cover (png, jpg)
3x Title PNG
1x Blank Cover Art


350 USD

Custom eBook + Paperback

2x Custom eBook cover (png, jpg)
1x Paperback wrap
3x Title PNG
1x Blank Cover Art

Premade eBook

(the pricing varies for premades)

2x Custom eBook cover (png, jpg)
3x Title PNG
1x Blank Cover Art


(can be made upon request
at any time)

+50 USD - Paperback
+60 USD - Hardcover
+100 USD - Dust Jacket
+50 USD - Audiobook cover
+80 USD - Bookmark
Other graphics - Message me for a quote!

shop a premade!

NOTES: Small changes such as color, font & text changes are free. Major changes can also be made. Series continuation is possible for all premade. Print wraps can be added as well.



how to purchase?

Here is a step-by-step process on how to purchase a premade book cover!

step #1


To purchase a premade, send me a private message to any of my socials below:

step #2


After confirming the availability of the premade, I will need your Paypal email to send you an invoice.

step #3

cover details

After settling the payment, you can now send me the cover details (Book Title, & Author Name). If the cover details are not yet ready, that's totally fine! I can hold the premade for you until they're ready! :)

step #4


Once you're satisfied with the cover changes, I will be emailing you the final files. You can still request for add-ons at any time after our transaction, just send me a message!

400 USDCourt of Dreams

400 USDPaint My Soul

400 USDWar of Hearts

400 USDTo Love a Sin


NOTE: All designs here are already sold out and unavailable.


Romance Fantasy | Monster Fantasy | Dystopian Fantasy | Dark Fantasy | High Fantasy | YA Fantasy | Paranormal Fantasy | Mythological Fantasy

dark romance

Mafia Romance | YA Romance | Mystery Romance | Suspense Romance | Thriller Romance | Dark Romance-Fantasy | Bully Romance

contemporary romance

YA Romance | NA Romance | School Romance | Country Romance | Office Romance | Holiday Romance | Historical Romance | Western Romance


(1) How do I pay you?

I use Paypal to send invoices. Paypal can convert the payment in any currency. I use USD ($) for my pricing.

(2) Can a premade be turn into a series?

Yes! All premades can be turn into a series.

(3) Can I provide a stock image?

Yes! Please note that the images must be licensed. Email me the images here: [email protected]

(4) How much for a custom?

See my pricing here:

(5) Do you offer payment plans?

I don't accept payment plans/installations at the moment.

(6) Do you do premade reservations?

Yes, I can only hold the premade for you for 2 weeks.

(7) Can I purchase a premade and come back later for the print wrap?

For sure! I'll hold the design for you until your details are ready :)

(8) Do you offer a package for promotional graphics?

I don't have a promotional package but you can request for what you need and I'll give you a quote!

terms & conditions


Including Covers by Jules in the book credit as your book cover designer is required and much appreciated. In digital or printed copies, please credit as such:

Covers by Jules (coversbyjules.crd.co)


All invoices are payable within the month of booking. Upon booking, either full payment upfront or half deposits are accepted. Covers by Jules will be using Paypal to send the invoices to the Client.
All invoices must be paid in full before the design process begins. Covers by Jules will only allow 5 days for the Client to settle their invoice.


A custom booking may be cancelled by either party at any time for any reason with prior notice. If the design is completed or in the process of being completed, the Client permits Covers by Jules to market the said custom design as a premade design at its original pricing, with the necessary alterations if requested by the Client.
Cancellations and refunds on premade designs are not allowed. However, Covers by Jules will grant the Client exclusive rights to resell a purchased design, but only after both parties agree in a discussion.


Covers by Jules allows unlimited rounds of minor revisions on custom designs; major alterations will have additional fee. Covers by Jules also accepts custom redesigns and rush bookings for an additional fee.
Small modifications to premade designs are free of charge (color, font, and text changes). However, major modifications to the premade design will incur an additional fee.


Covers by Jules grants the client exclusive license to use the final book cover design for their book (digital, printing and promotional purposes) once full payment is settled and received by Covers by Jules. Covers by Jules retains the right to use the final book cover designs on any social media for book cover marketing purposes.The Client agrees to abide by the terms of any license agreement of the images purchased by Covers by Jules to use in their book cover design. A book cover design is limited to a printing of 500,000 copies; an additional fee will apply for extended licenses.All materials provided by the Client must be legally owned and fully licensed. In any case of a copyright or permission infringement action arising from materials provided by the Client, the Client agrees to protect and defend Covers by Jules and will be legally and financially responsible for the said case. In addition, no AI materials are used in the design process; Covers by Jules is strictly against AI resources.


Covers by Jules will not disclose any client information or materials with a third party unless approved by the client.